Frequently asked questions

When should I arrive?

Airport Spectrum LAX Parking claims no responsibility for customer missed flights due to LAX area traffic. Please be advised shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off services are directly affected and dictated by real-time traffic delays, weather, vehicle accidents, acts of god, etc. PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE AT AIRPORT SPECTRUM LAX 4 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT. Parking and Shuttle Management would like everything to go right with your travels and arriving early will help you get to LAX with time to board your flight!”

Can I come and go with my reservation? Is there in and out access?
Only with the reservation which specifies In and Out Access. This reservation is 30 dollars per calendar date. All other reservations are forfeit if you leave the lot during your stay.
I am staying less than 24 hours do I need to book for 2 days?
Our reservations work by calendar date. Choose the date you will drop off your vehicle and the date you will pick up. Without a reservation parking rate is 16.50 daily(per calendar date) max after 2 hours, when available.
Where do I park?
Pull a ticket at the gate drive forward and look for the parking ramp that goes down into the parking structure below. You can park in spots designated for Airport Parking or any unmarked spots. Be careful to not park in reserved spots and look out for areas which say to not enter. 
How do I extend my reservation?
Before your reservation has begun email us for help airportspectrumparking@gmail.com If your reservations is already in progress you must create a second reservation to cover any Calendar Dates past the return date of your current reservation.
What are your hours of operation?

Our lot is staffed 24/7 and the Airport Shuttle also runs 24/7

How do I cancel?
As soon as possible email airportspectrumparking@gmail.com requesting a cancelation. Please provide your booking ID in the email. There is no charge if you cancel 24 hours before the start of your reservation.
Can a different person pick up the Vehicle?
If you would like to have one person drop off and a different person pick up the vehicle.Please make the reservation in the name of the person who will pick up.You will also need to provide that person with your parking reservation, parking ticket.
Will my vehicle fit?
We have a maximum clearance of 6’2″, and cannot accomodate oversized vehicles such as RV’s.
What if I overstay my reservation?
You will be subject to additional charges for every additional day at a rate of 16.50. This amount begins accruing at midnight the day your reservation ends.If you return prior to your reservation departure date, no refunds will be made for the remaining portion of your reservation.
What happens if I return early?
If you return prior to your reservation departure date, no refunds will be made for the remaining portion of your reservation.
Where do I board the shuttle?
From the Airpot Spectrum Parking to the Airport: The shuttle is located at the alley between us and the Hilton.From the Airport to the Airport Spectrum Parking:  Proceed to the upper level and wait next to the red pylon sign and wait under the red sign that reads, “Hotel and Courtesy Shuttles.” Look for the blue airport shuttle that says Spectrum or 405.
I have more questions.
Please email us airportspectrumparking@gmail.com