20 things to do near LAX Airport

Have you been to Los Angeles before?

If yes, you might be aware that the airport LAX is the center of everything. Los Angeles has quite a few activities for everyone, but tourists and visitors are keen to hear from experienced locals when they need to find some places to visit around LAX. 

Luckily, our team at Airport Spectrum Parking is more than familiar with the area, and looks forward to telling you some of the best places to go. Today, we will share 20 things to do near LAX.

1. Flight Path Learning Center:

The first activity on this list doesn’t even require you to leave LAX airport. It is at the LAX Imperial terminal. It is the flight path museum and learning center.

If you’re a fan of the aviation industry, this is a museum that you should visit. It consists of aircraft models, photographs showing the history of the aviation sector, and other cool memorabilia. There is also a research library that has a large number of aviation and aerospace books. 

The cost of entry is just $5 per person, which means that you will not have to shell out a lot of money. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from morning 9 AM to 3 PM.

2. Westchester Golf Course:

Source Alt Text: A man swings a golf course on a bright sunny day

If you want to get out of LAX Airport, it is time to visit the Westchester golf course. The 18-hole golf course can keep you occupied throughout the day. It is a night and day time golf course, open until 10 PM daily. 

If your idea of recreation is playing a game of golf, this is the golf course that you should visit. You’ll get to enjoy the sunny California weather while doing one of your favorite activities.

3. In-N-Out burger:

Alt Text: In-n-out burger meal with french fries

Have you tried this burger chain? It’s one of the most hyped about in California, and many visitors to LA always put this on their list of places to go.

You will not have to go that far, since there is an outlet near the airport. This nearby In-N-Out has an outdoor sitting area where you can enjoy a mouthwatering burger with animal fries while observing the jets nearby. It is not just a way to have some delicious burger, but also to spot the planes pass over your head.

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4. Venice Beach:

Venice Beach is quite close to LAX. The Venice boardwalk is a crowd favorite, where you can explore the local culture and meet various artists as well. 

The beach has a breathtaking view, so it’s advisable to bring a good camera to snap some scenic shots. Once you visit Venice Beach, you will surely be mesmerized by the laid-back vibe.

5. Dockweiler Beach:

Dockweiler State Beach is another bright spot that you can visit after you leave LAX airport. It is just 7 minutes away from the passenger terminal area. The entry to the beach is completely free, and it consists of a 3-mile long coastline, so get ready to experience a spacious spot to visit.

Along the coastline, you will find the concession stand, restrooms, picnic area, changing areas, and even outdoor showers. With that in mind, who says you can experience a leisurely day on the beach when you’re at LAX airport.

6. Manhattan Beach Pier:

Alt Text: Manhattan beach pier at sunset

Manhattan Beach Pier is a 10-minute cab ride away from LAX. It is one of the best places in California to catch some sun. With breathtaking views of the ocean, you are sure to get mesmerized by its beauty. 

There are also other attractions on the pier as well. You can explore the Roundhouse Aquarium. In addition to that, you can rent a cruiser bike to explore the coastline. The cost of the cruiser bike is around $10 per hour. 

Apart from natural beauty, there is plenty to see when you’re at the Manhattan Beach Pier.

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7. Sand Dune Park:

The Sand Dune Park, as the name itself suggests, has enormous sand dunes. Some of them rise to as high as 100 feet. There is also a merry-go-round and a play area for kids. It is a preserved area, so everything you see is entirely natural. Birds and wildflowers can be seen in the park as well.

There are visitation slots, so you might have to wait for some time to gain entry. That is why it is better to get an online reservation done in advance. You only get to spend 60 min in the park. The fee is pretty affordable at $3.16 per person. With that in mind, if you want to see a natural attraction near LAX, this is a park to visit.

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8. Automobile Driving Museum:

The Automobile Driving Museum is just 10 minutes away from LAX; they have 150 cars in total. There is no admission price, and you can donate any amount that you want for the maintenance of these antique cars. If you’re an automobile fan, or like vintage cars, this is the place that you should visit near LAX.

9. EL Segundo Beach:

EL Segundo Beach is a lesser-known beach among tourists, but it’s less than half an hour away from the airport.

During the weekdays, it is practically empty. Also, finding a parking spot is easy. It provides you with a lot of space and tranquility because only the locals know about it. 

It is rumored to be a haunted beach, so if you are a fan of the paranormal, then you should give this place a visit.

10. Whale Watching:

Alt Text: A whale flaps its tail out of the water

At Redondo Beach, you can go see some whales. The Redondo Beach Sportfishing & Whale Watching offers half-day trips, which allow you to explore the coastline. There are fishing trips with events lasting about 5-hours long. 

If you’re just interested in whale watching, there are dedicated tours for the same lasting 2.5 hours. There are also nature cruises which allow you to view sea lions as well as dolphins. 

With this place, you have plenty of options from whale watching to dolphin watching when you head over to the beach.

11. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area:

The spot which we are highlighting now is again one of the lesser-known places in Los Angeles. It is within a 10-mile radius of LAX. 

It consists of 5 different hiking trails, scenic views, and a beautiful lotus pond. It is open from 6 AM up to sunset. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a venue to relax outdoors or to embark on a trail, you should head over to this spot.

12. Explore the history of LA:

Centinela Adobe also known as La Casa de la Centinela, is a historical home near LAX built in the early 1800s that teaches you about the development of Los Angeles and the founding of Inglewood, CA. 

There are also quite a few special events held here throughout the year. It is open to visitors from 2-4pm on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. Large groups can make an appointment.

13. Shop at the Santa Monica Place:

Alt Text: Santa Monica Pier’s Pacific Park on a sunny day

Santa Monica Place is 20 minutes away from the airport. It has been recently renovated, and now boasts plenty of high-end shops and a dining deck to offer. 

You can visit the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Park, which is one of the most famous amusement parks in the area. If you want to have fun and shop at the same time, this is the area that you should visit.

14. Getty Museum:

The Getty Museum is one of the most famous attractions in Los Angeles. The admission fee is around $15. It is approximately 30 minutes to 40 minutes away from LAX.

On the way back, there are quite a few activities that you can indulge in. The significant part is that admission to this museum is entirely free. However, the parking cost is $15. The exhibits change from time to time, so you should check on their website before heading over there.

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Even if you just stroll outdoors, you cannot help but admire its architecture and sculpture. That is why it is a museum which you should not miss out on if you’re in or around LAX.

15. Rodeo Drive:

Rodeo Drive is another destination you can head on to if you want to shop. It consists of many high-end boutiques, including Chanel, Valentino, and Salvatore Ferragamo. Since shopping can be very tiring, you can check out something sweet and delicious at any of the local patisseries.

With that in mind, you should definitely try the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. The cupcakes are pretty tasty, and getting one from an ATM is a unique experience in itself. That is why; it is another destination which you can visit if you’re interested in shopping or have a sweet tooth.

16. Griffith Observatory:

The Griffith Observatory has a giant telescope at the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky and Wilder Hall of the Eye. It allows you to explore various aspects of space. Moreover, when you head over there, you can also catch on the stunning views of the city. 

There are plenty of trails around this observatory as well. If you prefer hiking, one of the trails can take you to the Hollywood sign so that you can cover another iconic spot. If you want to save time and explore more, then this is the place to visit.

17. Upright Citizens Brigade Theater:

Upright Citizens Brigade Theater is part of a school that has two theatres. There are various events scheduled in these theatres. If you book early, you might be able to get tickets for as low as $5.

If you want to have a good laugh and indulge in some humor, these theatres host a lot of comical performances that will knock you off your feet. 

In the vicinity, you will also be able to embark on a trail that will take you to the Hollywood sign. That is why; you can easily spend your entire time in this area when you are at LAX airport.

18. Museum of Jurassic Technology:

The Museum of Jurassic Technology is regarded as one of the strangest museums in the entire country. The museum amalgamates various topics like history, folk art, science, sculpture, and floral radiographs. 

While not all of them might be authentic, combining different niches to create something abstract is the forte of this museum. If you want to spark your imagination, this is the museum to jumpstart the day.

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19. Sony Picture Studios:

Sony Pictures Studios consists of the Walk of Fame and several other attractions. However, visiting this place is only possible when you’re on a long layover. 

There are also 2-hour guided tours that allow you to explore the entire vicinity of Hollywood and its fame. If you have a delay of 8 hours or more during the daytime, you should visit Sony Picture Studios for an unforgettable experience.

20. Abbot Kinney Boulevard – Venice:

Abbot Kinney Boulevard hosts some of the most famous restaurants in LA. It is about a mile long and allows you to explore the culture of Los Angeles along with a beautiful shopping and dining experience. It consists of many nightclubs, yoga studios, and art galleries. 

When you head over to this area, you wouldn’t have to worry about a shortage of things to do. If you’re looking for multiple activities in a single place, this Boulevard will be a perfect attraction. 

It will ensure that you remain entertained throughout the day, so waiting at the airport is no longer a pain.


Instead of just passing your time listlessly, you can follow our list above. We have carefully curated only the best activities which you can indulge in around LAX airport. You can cherry-pick between them according to your interests. 

Since the places are within the vicinity of the airport, going there and coming back is not a problem. You will never have to endure hours of boredom, you can utilize the time in Los Angeles with the help of our guide above.

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