Where does Lyft pickup at LAX?

Most people hire some sort of taxi or ride-share service from the airport because they don’t know where to park their own vehicles. Lyft and Uber are some of the most popular ride-share companies. Finding the Uber and Lyft pickup spot at the airport was already crowded and difficult, but the recent relocation of this area has made it even worse.

At LAX, it is difficult to reach ride-share pick-up zones and can take a long time to get linked with a driver. Our goal at Airport Spectrum Parking LAX is to help travelers finalize simple transportation arrangements to and from the airport. With this in mind, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Lyft pickup and alternatives that will make traveling easier. 

Where is the pickup location?

The Lyft pickup spot is located at the intersection of Sepulveda Blvd. and Century Blvd., which is actually quite a distance from the airport. In order to reach your Lyft, you’ll have to take a shuttle bus over to this area before calling your ride. After that, you’ll have to wait some more before it arrives. With rideshares meant to offer the benefit of convenience, it’s clear that this might not be the best option for weary travelers.

Challenges with Uber and Lyft Pick-Up at LAX

1. No Parking for Lyft Cars

For security reasons, Lyft vehicles cannot park near the airport. When a traveler books a ride on the Lyft car, the driver will bring their vehicle to the airport to pick up the passenger, but will have to wait in a “Ride-Sharing” pick up line at the designated location.

2. Passengers Will Have to Move to Another Terminal to find a Ride Sharing Shuttle

At LAX, the rideshare process is inconvenient and time-consuming. Larger airports have a number of terminals that allow Lyft and Uber, and the passenger would just need to specify which terminal. But at LAX, there is a specific ride-share protocol that requires shuttling to the right location only for you to have to wait longer. 

3. Lyft Cars Can’t Stop Near The Airport For A Long Time

Vehicles cannot halt for a long time near the airport due to security reasons. They can only drop off or pick up their passengers and leave immediately. In some cases, the pickup point for the passengers leaving the airport is located close to the hourly parking garage, which is a long distance away from the airport. 

The passenger has to carry his or her luggage to the pickup point, which is very tedious and time-consuming. Moving from the airport to the pickup point is hectic for passengers with a lot of heavy luggage or small children.

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4. The Lyft Service Might Be Late or Can’t Make It

One of the reasons why people travel by air is that they wish to save time. However, they often waste a lot of time getting a Lyft or Uber from the airport to their destination. 

This is often due to traffic jams and pick-up confusion. Therefore, the Lyft vehicle that the passenger has booked might not reach the airport at the scheduled time.

Therefore, the passenger would have to wait at the pickup point for a long time until the vehicle arrives. This can be frustrating for the traveler, especially if they have an important meeting or appointment scheduled.

5. Crowded Pickup Point

In recent months, ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber have funneled airport passengers to a conglomerate pick-up point east of Terminal One. Getting there can be a two or three step process before you even step foot in your hired vehicle. 

In addition, Most airlines will schedule their flight arrivals during specific periods that are  most convenient for travelers. However, this causes a large number of travelers to arrive at the airport at the same time, crowding the pick up point.

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6. Cancelled Lyft Service

The delay in pick up at the airport may vary depending on the arrival time of the flight. During peak times at larger airports, the delay in arrival may be more than thirty minutes at the airport. 

Passengers who have traveled long distances may be tired, and this additional delay can be frustrating. The traveler will have to book a vehicle again and waste more time waiting. Keep in mind that pick-ups at the airport are usually canceled by Lyft drivers as opposed to passengers.

7. Identifying Your Driver

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Even after the vehicle arrives at the pickup point, the traveler will usually face a problem in identifying the car which they have booked. If the pickup point is crowded, it is difficult for all the passengers to find their driver in the large parking lot.

The Lyft car can usually wait for only a short period at the pick up point until the passenger identifies the vehicle and contacts the driver. 

Another challenge to consider is that Lyft allows the driver to cancel the ride for a “no show” if the traveler does not turn up within one and a half minutes. If the traveler cannot identify the vehicle after it has arrived at the pickup point, then there is an increased possibility that the driver may cancel the ride.

In this case, the traveler will have to book another car and waste more time waiting for the vehicle to arrive. There is also a chance that some other travelers at the pickup point can get into the wrong scheduled Lyft vehicle.

This can create a problem for the person who has booked the car, when they realize another person has taken their ride. When this happens, the passenger will have to book another vehicle or make alternate arrangements for reaching his or her destination.

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8. Solutions for Airport Pickup

Instead of booking an Uber or Lyft, some travelers will find that it is better to use an airport parking facility nearby. For example, Airport Spectrum Parking has a secure parking facility that passengers can use to park their cars. Once they get back from their destination, they will not have to rely on Lyft. Instead, they can take the free shuttle to Airport Spectrum to pick up their vehicle, and they are good to go.

In other cities, the traveler can ask the client or their company to make arrangements to pick them up from the airport. This solution will save a lot of time, stress, and some money. Passengers can also ask a family member or friend to pick them up from the airport.


Even though Lyft is convenient and economical, rideshare services at the airport (especially LAX) often turn out to be more trouble than they are worth.

Luckily, there are better alternatives, such as Airport Spectrum Parking and shuttle services. Not only do we keep your car safe until you return from your trip, we offer free 24/7 shuttle services to and from the airport. With Airport Spectrum Parking, you can keep your vehicle safe while you’re on your trip. You can get yourself to Century Blvd. safely, and we’ll take you to LAX from there.