What to do near LAX with a short layover

Millions of air travelers arrive at LAX every year, which makes it one of the most well-known airports in the world. LAX is the fourth busiest airport for flights and layovers, so new travelers must be prepared for waiting times, layovers, and flight delays. 

A layover doesn’t have to be boring, since there are many fun things to do at or around the airport. Travelers often wonder what to do near the LAX airport with a short layover. Fortunately, our team at Airport Spectrum (less than a five minute drive from the airport and accessible by our free shuttle) knows the area well. Here are some attractions that you can visit when you have some time to kill. 

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The food trucks are located near the Airport Spectrum Parking between the Hilton and the Marriott on West Century Blvd. Their Food Truck Fridays offer a convenient spot to grab a good lunch, rest, and prepare for some excellent local food. 

The short layover could be perfect for a quick snack, and the prices are affordable for travelers on a budget. That is why it’s essential to make it a stopping point during a short layover.

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Go On A Bike Or Scooter Ride

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When you are waiting for your connecting flight, a bike or scooter ride can be a fun way to spend some time. There are a variety of options that are perfect for passengers with short flight delays. 

For example, JUMP and Lyft near LAX on Century Blvd offer a quick bike ride to passengers. The service is as a popular choice among new arrivals in Los Angeles. It is an excellent way to explore the city and appreciate the surrounding areas if you have limited time.

JUMP and Lyft are both excellent choices for the scooter ride in the area. Just open up the app to see if there are any free scooters available. With that in mind, take a spontaneous trip in the LAX neighborhood and take a look at the scenic palm trees and quintessential LA roads.

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Check Out The Public Art

Los Angeles is a world-class city for artwork, and there are plenty of options to choose from. LAX is in close proximity to some top-rated art venues for any art enthusiast out there. 

The exhibit “See Change” has recently debuted at LAX, which incorporates modern technology for the viewer. Mark Bradford and Ball-Nogues have contributed some public art galleries in the general area. 

People can also come to see the LAX Glowing Pylons on display. They are often lit up for holidays such as Earth Day, Christmas, 4th of July, and other holidays throughout the year. 

Hang out at the Great Hall

There is a great reason why LAX is considered to be the most modernized airport in the world. The Tom Bradley Terminal has been designed in a way that exceeds expectations. LAX is a popular destination for travelers that never ceases to impress. 

Travelers can find airport maps and other relevant information displayed in the Great Hall. It’s also a fantastic hangout spot, where people can learn more about their trips. 

The Tom Bradley Terminal also offers some travel alerts to passengers. People can find out if their flights are delayed or on time; for travelers who like to stay alert, it may be best just to stay at the airport. 

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Hang Out In The Airport Lounge

Economy class travelers can still access the LAX airport lounge. They should purchase a day pass, which gives them greater access to amenities. Make sure to check the duration of the layover; if there’s ample of time, then the day past is genuinely worth it. 

New arrivals can relax and unwind from the stress and anxiety of traveling. It can help minimize the travel time that people spend at LAX. 

The airport lounge is open during most hours of the day. Travelers can chat with other passengers that are waiting for the next flight. They can learn some new information about LAX and enjoy the time spent at the airport lounge.

Explore Food Trucks

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When you eat at the airport, it doesn’t really feel like eating in LA, but going to a restaurant takes some time. The solution? Airport Spectrum is well-known for providing food trucks for layover passengers. We host the fabulous Food Truck Friday event near LAX that gives passengers a chance to sample some mouth-watering dishes and experience something that’s classic LA. 

The quality is top-notch, and the cooks are dedicated to exceeding expectations in both culinary experience and customer service. The food trucks are fast and convenient for travelers on the go. 

That is why a lot of passengers tend to look into these kinds of dining options. Even a family can quickly eat and get back in line for their next flight. That is what makes the experience fun and affordable for everyone in the airport.

Other Tips For A Layover

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Passengers should plan for the layover and think about the trip ahead of time. For example, they can prepare for the next delay by packing electronics in the right baggage before departing. Another tip is to spend time accessing the internet and chatting with friends on a layover.

Remember there are many ways to make good use of your time while waiting for the next connecting flight. Some working professionals can get their work done during this time. They can also rest on the plane before they arrive at LAX. 

Because you can do many things during a layover, a smart passenger can be creative and strategic to make their travel experience worthwhile.

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There are a lot of activities to consider during the trip. After all, LAX is known to be the most modernized and refined airport in the world. It welcomes many new tourists every year, and the innovations at the terminal have changed the way that passengers travel and explore. 

Travelers have raved about the latest designs, attractions, entertainment, and food that play a significant role in increasing their travel experiences. 

With that in mind, follow the crowd and see what they are doing during the layover. LAX is a popular place to meet people who are similar in their travel habits. Learn from other passengers and see how they are working towards their next destination. 

Keep in mind that the layover doesn’t have to be boring, and LAX knows how to make it entertaining for many new arrivals. Because of all the fantastic activities, travelers can appreciate the city and some of the amenities that make LAX a top spot for them.

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